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Reconnect Long Island

Healing for your body, mind, & spirit

What to Expect:

During either your Reconnective Healing or Personal Reconnection sessions you will lie face-up on a massage table, completely clothed, but with your shoes removed. It is optimal to let your mind just drift and gently notice what you are experiencing. You do not have to pray, meditate or think of anything special -- it is best just to keep your mind at ease and neutral about the outcome and notice what your observe.

Appointments are scheduled for 1 hour which includes approximately 30 - 35 minutes of table time after which we will debrief and discuss your experience. A session is relaxing and empowering, and is unique for each individual. Benefits can be achieved with only 1 to 3 sessions.

While this process is facilitated "hands-off" you may experience a variety of physical sensations within your body. Some people experience noticeable muscle twitching, tingling, heat, cold, pressure, etc. Others may experience more subtle sensations, however, the effectiveness of the healing is not dependent on how many sensations or experiences the client has during their time on the table.

What does Reconnective Healing do?

Reconnective Healing is often a life-changing experience, allowing for the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Your interaction with this comprehensive spectrum of frequencies, consisting of energy, light, and information, will be initiated by your Reconnective Healing Practitioner at the start of your session, but the healing process will continue long after your visit has ended. Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at, and attuned to, a higher frequency than ever before.

Reconnective Healing can benefit everyone, whether facilitated in person one-on-one or via a distance healing.

Other Considerations

Clothing: Dress comfortably. You will be fully clothed, shoes off, resting face-up on a padded massage table. (Inform your practitioner if you have difficulty lying on your back, and they will accommodate you as best as possible.)

Optimal State of Mind: Simply close your eyes and let go. Become the observer and the observed. The witness. Notice. Notice when you notice something. Notice when you notice nothing. Notice when you notice something again. Allow yourself to experience the wonder of expectancy without the attachment of specific and detailed expectation. Trust that the healing that’s most appropriate for you is the one that you will receive.

What It Means to be Healed?

Healing is a return to balance. It is sometimes equated with a medical cure, but the concept of healing is actually broader than that. "Healing, which may or may not encompass physical cure, is the process of positive, empowering, and progressive reconciliation and transformation in a person's relationship to his reality, condition, history, and circumstance, inclusive of any diseases. Healing refers to positive change in the impact of disease on a person's life, feelings, consciousness, decisions, and actions. In healing, a person's experience of disease, and the effects of disease on the body and mind, change for the better, whether or not physical cure is affected." (Dr. Beverly Potter and Dan Joy).

Healing can manifest in many different forms, and not just the physical. You might become more peaceful within yourself; you might begin to relate differently to family members or friends, experiencing more love, forgiveness and acceptance; you might find that the disease that has challenged you transforms into restored balance or harmony in your life; or your pain may ease and you might feel more joy.

Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. We simply classify it according to its predominate characteristic.

Reconnective Healing doesn’t specifically “treat” anything and a Reconnective Healing Practitioner does not diagnose. They are simply the catalyst. If in its presence you allow yourself to come back into balance, as many people do, then you do. You just do. At the end of his book Dr. Pearl says, “Some things are difficult to explain; miracles speak for themselves.”

Services and Fee

Reconnective Healing Session - $150

(In-person or distance)

The Personal Reconnection - $333

Practitioner Mentoring - $150

(90-Minute Initial Consult)

Practitioner Mentoring - $75

(60-Minute Follow Up)

Credentialing - $45


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